Sunday, March 4, 2007

Goodbye Windows...Hello Mac....

I started out my computing life with the Radio Shack TRS-80 and the Apple II+ computer. While simultaneously using PC clones in my jobs.

By 1985 - I had moved from one Macintosh, to another...while simultaneously using PC clones and Sun workstations in my internships.

Sadly - after entering the formal business world in the 1990s -- it became clear, that Macs weren't welcome at the office. So since 1994 - I stopped buying Apple, and sold my soul to the dark-side and owning, and using Microsoft Windows.

So here it is, 2007, and I am convinced that we are at the forefront of a dramatic and fast shift to Apple. Last week, I was running an all-day developer's conference with 5 leading technology speakers on Web 2.0. 3 out of 5 of those speakers -- used Macs. I also teach an Ajax course -- about 50% of my students...use Macs.

An article in RDM describes many of the realities that I'm seeing first-hand. Apple is starting to win back the key people that really matter in the next generation of software...the developers.

Apple's triple-combo is quite devastating....Since Mac OS X - Apple started shipping computers which run on a Linux operating system. Strike One Microsoft! And in 2006, Apple start to ship Macs running the Intel Core Duo chips before the Windows machines had them! Strike Two Microsoft! And native Apple software or third-party software like Parallels -- makes its possible to run multiple operating systems....Apple's operating system OR Windows OR most variants of Linux. Ouch...Strike Three Microsoft!

And then there's Microsoft Vista -- dead-on-arrival.

It no longer matters what operating system you are running...Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux. High scale Web Services, Ajax, and Flash are making it possible to run almost anything anywhere.

Microsoft....You're OUT! Or at least -- a commodity.

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